Topshop I love you...

...born in the 60ies as an unfashionable chain it has gone much far from this...and always makes me feel unhappy for living here in Milano, orphan of such a wonderland!!!!!!!!
They have been carrying several collection, important collaborations (Kate Moss' contribute, for example), supported young designer bringing them to the market...etcetera and now...THEY ARE OPENING IN NEW YORK CITY on April 2nd. More shopping gateways on my list.
Topshop promises 50 new lines every 7-10 days and to launch two collections by US Designers including an exclusive range designed by Barbara Hulanicki (founder of Biba): I AM DYING!
Concerning me...I can only consume my eyes on their website and focus on my e-shopping.

Everything by Topshop - Spring Summer 2009
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