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A fabulous pattern mix:

Pitti People, Photo byDaniele Mari

White on a rich green background

Here I really like the beautiful contrast and the fresh relax given by this nice vegetation + candid fabric.
Like the chains creating nice lines across Marzia's forehead, bust and wrist.

Very nice detail on his shirt. And I always like the rolled sleeves.
Very beautiful pose and attitude

Pitti Poeple, Photos by Daniele Mari

Slim + Relaxed = Impressive

I have been watching this man's style for a whole week while in Florece. Not to talk about his great face and presence.
Once again, I'd file this pic under the category "marine".
The cut of his jacket isjust perfect, his rolled kaki pants and flag trainers just adorably cool.

Pitti People, Photo Daniele Mari

Beautiful face in the wind

Pitti People, Photo by Daniele Mari


We met Filippo at the Undercover show @Giardini di Boboli. He captured me because of this incredible mix of tie&dye layered on these lace looking sleeves covering his arms.

Pitti People, photo by Daniele Mari

The Proenza Schouler night in Florence

Proenza's Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough with model/muse Liya Kebede

Lyia Kebede and Suzy Menkes

Lazaro Hernandez and Chloe Sevigny
Chloe SevignyPitti People, Photos by Daniele Mari

Beautiful ladies and color flashes

Pitti People, Photos by Daniele Mari

Stunning beauty

A young Lord.
Incredible face and style.
Love the perfect fitted flower printed jacket worn with these striped pants.

Pitti People, Photo by DanieeMari

Wonderful Angelo

Angelo Flaccevento is a marvellous fashion writer that I personally follow and admire a lot.
He wears bow ties with a beautiful fresh attitude and elegance as nobody else I know.

Pitti People, photos by Daniele Mari

Circle of Friends

Our first day at Pitti.
Me, Daniele Mari, Tamu McPherson, Angelo Flaccavento, Maria Luisa Frisa.

Pitti People, photo by Daniele Mari

Red, stripes, shadows...

...and a light french touch

Pitti People, photo by Daniele Mari

Louis Vuitton

Echoes and chiasms

Made 05 - Fashion in the World SS09
Photo by Daniele Mari
Styling by Studio 76

Men's Clutches&Handbags

I particularly liked these 3 guys' bags/clutches

Pitti People, Photos by Daniele Mari

Color block

After a lot of neutral colors let's add something bright and vivid.
Here's my friend and Studio76 partner Tamu in the magnificent frame of the Boboli gardens in Florence, just a few minutes before the Undercover Men's wear show.

Pitti People - Photo by Daniele Mari

I have always loved the combination of these two colors...infact I have been a great fan of Richard Nicholl's SpringSummer collection, where he used and mixed them a lot.
Check also Tamu's juicy YSL shoes and the perfect touch she added with that patent grey.
Just beautiful!

More vintage taste at A.N.G.E.L.O.'s

Pitti People - Photos by Daniele Mari

A.N.G.E.L.O. opening in Florence

"A.N.G.E.L.O." is one of the most aknowledged and eminent voices in italian vintage panorama.
Owner Angelo Caroli was in Florence to honour the opening of a new shop.
A little jewelry box where we saw some stunning pieces by Pucci and many many treasures.
The Lady below here is one of Caroli's collaborator in Lugo - Ravenna - @ A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace, which is definitely worth a visit...
I am always very captured by her 50ies amazing looks, enriched with perfect accessories.

Pitti People - Photo by Daniele Mari

Princess Charming

This lady has got an unbelivable natural elegance and class.
And the most beautiful smile.
She looks radiant.

Pitti People - Photo by Daniele Mari

From marine to alpine

I think this man has got a very interesting face.
And style.
After a lot of typical marine inspired looks, my eyes just run onto this guy
and for some reason I like to associate his look to the super elegant traditional summer men's clothing of the Alps with a contemporary interpretation.
Maybe it is the hat,
or maybe the waistcoat...or the fabric of his trousers.
I find him very special and love the details.

Pitti People - Photo by Daniele Mari

More "Boat" style

Boat shoes are a real leit-motiv this season.
I like classic vintage ones in brown or blue but I have to say that this guy just
picked up an unexpected, colorful version that makes the difference
for this adorable marine look.

Pitti People - Photo by Daniele Mari

Pitti People - Mr Coolness

Photo by Daniele Mari

Pitti People - Charming

When I saw this gentleman entering the Fortezza I almost fell.
We were watching "White Squall" by Ridley Scott a few days before Pitti and I have to say that I have loved that movie.
Not just the plot but - oh my - the styling and the cast!
So, to go back to the subject, this young man reminded me of one of the most interesting, charming, naturally elegant characters of the movie, starred by Jeremy Sisto.

Photo by Daniele Mari

Jeremy Sisto in White Squall by Ridley Scott

Pitti People - Soft wind

This skirt gived me a feeling of softness, tenderness, freshness. Slowly moving in the light breeze made me think about my childhood. I love the delicate fall of the cotton fabric.

Photo by Daniele Mari

Pitti People - Detail

First prize for most original and photogenic bag to this girl.
The piece is made in Brasil with pieces of Coca Cola cans.
"Chic Economy" rules!

Photo by Daniele Mari

Pitti People - Relaxed Beauty

Photo by Daniele Mari


Beginning from today, I will finally be able to post our fav pics taken at Pitti (People). It's been fun. It's been hard thanx to the heat. Have been great to share the experience with such nice people as our italian bloggers mates.Thank you to: Silvia Bergomi (, Luca Bortolotti (, Federica Di Pierri (, Enrico Grigoletti (, Stefano Guerrini (, Marco Maggetto (, Tamu McPherson (, Francesca Querci (, Simone Sbarbati ( and Jacopo Volpe (

Last but not least, thank you Daniele (Mari) for your incredible job with your photos for our blog!!!!

Pitti People on the New Yooxer

The New Yooxer has featured Pitti People project. Find our images here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The New Yooxer - Pitti WallOur beloved Giorgia!!
Pitti People
Photo by Daniele Mari

Pitti People - Work in Pogress

This girl from Undercover is ovr-cool and sweet. She was working with the crew on their upcoming show (I am looking forward to go there tomorrow...they brought incredible puppets from Japan for the performance/event that will be in Boboli gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZINGG!!!)
Here follow a few pics of te adorable lady---wearing this great jacket by the brand.

Pitti People


Here we are, me, Daniele, Tamu and a bunch of other italian bloggers at Pitti #76 (yess! Luky number) in Florence. We are working on the Pitti People project (see Pitti Blog for details), shooting this large, coloured and beautiful community of visitors.
Our images are covering hour after hour a large wall built inside Fortezza dal Basso.
Here is the rendering + empty wall as seen yesterday.
I will upload my favourites in the next hours/days.

Pitti People - Florence

Coat-ure Storm

Allegri is the famous outwear italian brand estabilished in the 1960s.
Today the company is living a "new lease on life"due to a complete restyling of his own collections.
After its long lasting collaborations with designers such as Maison Martin Margiela and Viktor&Rolf, the brand is now working on its own three collection that also include a limited, iconic one, signed by italian fashion raising star Francesco Scognamiglio.
The FW09 is very dramatic and luxurious.

Here are some of my favourite pieces and a backstage snapshot...we couldn't resist to use a grey magnificent, fluid cape for our surrealism inspired fashion story...

Allegri, FW2009

My backstage pic from our last editorial.
Grey Cape by Allegri
Photographer Daniele Mari
Styling Studio76
Hair&MakeUp Sara Mencattelli
Model Alyona@Women