Model's looks - CASTING

Since I am not doing much on my blog, I have decided to post some nice looks caught during a casting in milano yesterday.

Rita Saunders @Fashion Model Management

Sidney Geubelle @Fashion Model Management

Nathalia Costa @Urban Model Management


sorry for not posting very recently: my computer has crashed and I am still trying to get back to my activity! Stay tuned!

MAD about MESH - cut&paste

Trying to paste some vintage Lesage embroidery onto a micro-mesh Bodysuit by AmericanApparel + Alexander McQueen cardigan...still working on patterns, prints and mixes...

MAD about MESH

It's been a while now since I have started to be obsessed by the desire to get some micro mesh key pieces to DIY embroider and mix. This kind of fabric looks to me very sensual, comfy, a little bit of 80ies and so "Now"... it is possible that Stella McCartney's SS collection and a few others really inspired me about this but layering this kind of material can be real fun and give unexpected, textured and dreamy results!

Stella McCartney - SS09

Check out Net-A-Porter, American Apparel, Acne, Opening Ceremony to mesh up your wardrobe...

Stella McCartney, Stella McCartney mixed w/Richard Nicoll via Net-à-Porter

American Apparel, Stella McCartney, Acne, Opening Ceremony

MINI market

Minimarket is a swedish brand, carried by the three Elvestedt sisters , and selecteded by H&M and Elle SE as the best new label in 2006.
The current collection is very clean and perfectly proportioned and what I really like are the sudden origami details, the full colors and very versatile accessories with a special twist. There is a very small e-store online that I consider a place to ceck now and then for very smart and wearable original pieces.
I adore the hat and scarf which I'd love to wear as a turbant...

Georgina Goodman - Part 2

Photo by Daniele Mari

Says Georgina Goodman “AW09 is inspired by the thought of a modern urban woman who has moved to the country. She is not frivolous and yet she is not overly practical. So I have brought aspects from my first collection through and mixed them anew, blend of antique with modern, and I am left with items through which I feel touched.”
What I think, and what is also stated by "George" is that she is trying to fulfill women's crave for some brand new, completely amazing, innovative and foremost special shoe design pieces for their wardrobe.

It is definitely a "SHOE MOMENT" instead of past seasons "IT BAG" moment.
I behave she is totally into this and really fulfilling the purpose.
The result is quite impressive. Goodman is continuously demonstrating to be a great designer and shoemaker.

Photo by Daniele Mari

Concerning her latest creatios, including Pre+Main AW09 Collections, Hand Made in Mayfair and 'Co-branding" projects with Erdem and Luella, well...I am mad about them.

Hand Made in Mayfair by Georgina Goodman

Erdem by Georgina Goodman

The textures are a quite consistent issue. Check them in the following images by the company and some we took during their presentation - we kindly thank sweet, beautiful Lucia@Georgina Goodman for modelling.

Texture and colour palette

Nell and Nolan B in cream satin w/black net - Photo by Daniele Mari

Riva, Paris and Penny - Photos by Daniele Mari

Natalia and Bell - Photos by Daniele Mari

Jeannie and Jezabel - Photos by Daniele Mari

Under your skin

These pieces are handmade by Mirella Iacovangelo, a multi-skilled artist and designer who has been working for a while on the human body's anatomy. She embroiders stunning organs, muscles, bones on clothing and accessories. All of her works are custom made and not just art pieces but meant to be worn with therapeutic purpuses.