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The reason of my long time lack of posting!!!

now available in selected bookstores in Italy&Russia


This is an editorial we have been working on last may.
So happy it finally came out!

Photos by Daniele Mari
Styling by Simona&Tamu @Studio76
HMU by Sara Mencattelli
Model: Alyona @ Women Direct

The art of topiary @ V&R

Topiary is in the air, on my mind...
I am very interested in ardening which is one of my passions.
And I really like Tim Burton's.
So, what do Victor & Rolf, Topiary and Tim Burton have in common in the intricate paths of my fashion perverted mind?
Well, just a stream of mixed consciousness and ideas I guess.
Talking about Alice in Wonderland, most of you have probably seen the first images available...

Images from Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

And now let's go back to the couple of genious that I think are going back to their unique and visionary approach. Let's talk about tulle. I cannot think about a more "common" yet sculptorial, color rich, light yet materic, full, layer"able", simple but sophisticated and much more fabric.
And here we go with Victor & Rolf and this brilliant creative carousel of tulle carved in the way they did.
It's pure joy for the eyes!Victor&Rolf - SpringSummer 2010

Black&Blonde Uniform

Photos by Daniele Mari

Prada - SS2010

The more I look at this show the more I find it interesting and, as always, full of details and concepts to be investigated and thought about. May sound obvious or cliché but to me it is once again so true. I would particularly share my feelings and suggestions that the prints of crowded (and kinda artificial) beaches gave me.
It made me think about Massimo Vitali's photography. Just in the midway between a sociological and estetic point of view.

Photo by Massimo Vitali

I love those prints because allow me going behind the beauty of fabric, colors and shapes. It is just as if you are projected to a more complex concept of these clothings beauty. They invite you to watch at people's stories happening under the surface of a nice composition. You can just loose yourself in catching more and more details of the images. Characters, lifes.
And I also find a reason to reflect on the concept of getaways, on our contemporary perception of holiday, on its mass-oriented nature.

Prada SS 2010, all background images by Massimo Vitali

Kate Lanphear or "Sense of style"

Every season we can't stop taking pictures of her.

Kate is the quintessence of elegance I'd say, which is something that she deeply owns in the inside, as a person.
I have never seen someone who has such a personal, cohesive, coherent, effortless Style. And she is so gentle and spontaneous in the approach that makes her even more lovely.
Her look is not properly "androginous" in an old style sense, she is so contemporary, "clean", immediate and always balanced. And her presence, her presence! She blows my mind with her personal taste in picking and combining the greatest accessories! I have usually seen her walking on marvellous heels but I have to say that I loved loved loved Kate in Sonia Rykiel's black crystal encrusted creepers...pure 2009 rock'n'roll!!!!!!!

All photos by Daniele Mari

Pelette - Post #2

...JUST A PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!

Gareth Pugh - SS2010

Style influence

This orange dress has been one of my favourite from the moment I saw it one year ago. I particularly loved the way it came out on the runaway, with its peculiar egg shape. But I have to admit that the way Anna Dello Russo styled and worn it 6 months ago was very interesting. Totally re-interpreted shape, with a high waisted black belt squeezing it around her silhouette with nude coloured shoes and golden accessories which added softness and a powerful, strong feminine touch. As I was observing a few posts ago, here comes again the big influence some people and streetstyle photographers have on style.
We spotted the same dress with a similar belt around the waist:
from my personal point of view, the choice of black buckled shoe-boots and bag pushed all the tenderness away, also considering the strength of this vitaminic orange.
But I like the braveness of wearing it!


I am not crazy, I am not loosing my mind...just...guess what?
I am dieing to see Gareth Pugh SS2010 show!!!!
...some rumours wispered about loads of grey...

Milano - Fashion Week - Sept. 2009

...but still...

Imogen Morris Clarke by Daniele Mari

...we got some juicy pics from outside the shows...

Imogen Morris Clarke by Daniele Mari

Milano - Fashion Week - Sept. 2009

This season we decided not to go street hunting during fashion week, even if it was THE SEASON for "streetstyle-ers".

Photo by Daniele Mari

Scott Schuman is presenting his book in all fashion capitals, signing copies for his fan/followers/groupies.

Photos by Daniele Mari

We all thank him for having brought streetstyle blogs to such an exposure. And thanx to all of the other bloggers flying to one city to the other to shoot and give us so many examples and inspiration of style. They are a real tribe, a nice one, sharing great moments, travelling around and bringing fun.
Read this adorable post by GĂ©raldine Dormoy - Le streetstyle en mutation (et moi avec),
And have a look at my cool friend's blog: All the pretty birds

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010 - MONOGRAPHY#2


Enjoy the silence

Rodarte - Spring Summer 2010


Similar curvy lines and color pallette driving designers to totally different style trails.

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs + Anna Sui
Even if Anna Sui wasn't directly inspired by African textiles this season - while MJ did - her colorama porn just contributed to inspire this association. I loved those looks and prints making me wish for a never ending summer season...or a great mid-winter african escape...

1,2,3,11,12,13. Marc by Marc Jacobs; 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,14.Anna Sui


This morning I checked Mary Katrantzou's SS10 collection and I had a confirm.
She is one of my favourites in mixing incredible digital print with the most feminine, voluptuous, silky marvellous dresses.
Before I put together a post on this topic,
guess who was wearing her FW collection?!?!

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010 - MONOGRAPHY#1

I have been watching and waving at Wang for a little while now and my interest in him is not going to stop. Since the beginning he has been exploring that special, fresh, clean, effortless style essence that my imagination consider "AMERICAN" by searching and indaguing some macro&micro references around the theme of "Casual".
Latest show widely explores american football : from training to uniforms to the playground, including cheerleaders and leather balls, showing us consumed like knitted pieces, grey fleece, padded shoulders and quilted surfaces reminding protective structures.
And he added some deconstructed pieces, starting from army like jackets and
raincoats softly wrapping the body.

The collection is completed by his signature classics such as white skirts,tshirts, tight minidresses, some transparences and supper cool accessories like the animal print shoes, black zipped shoeboots, ball-like-clutches...

It is like the perfect new wardrobe, to be mixed and matched with everything all day and night long.

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010

I love pockets, I really do.
They give me a touch of easyness, always, immediately.
I just picked a few of the biggest and apparently most confortable ones from nyc fashion scene.
I consider them the perfect topping for a fresh and somehow casual look, from day to night.

1.Preen; 2.Cynthia Rowley; 3.Jen Kao; 4.Altuzarra; 5.Adam

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010

A new color palette
made of different shades of orange, beige, camel, mustard, nude, grey, blue...
Full colors vibrantly blended.

1. David Delfin; 2.Jen Kao; 3+4.Derek Lam; 5.Proenza Schouler; 6.David Delfin; 7.Lacoste; 8.Ohne Titel; 9+10.Diane von Furstenberg; 11.Alexander Herchcovitch; 12.Marc by Marc Jacobs; 13. 3.1 Phiip Lim; 14.Derek Lam; 15. Phi; 16.Cushnie et Ochs; 17+18. Alexander Wang; 19. 3.1 PhilipLim; 20.elise Overland; 21. Jen Kao; 22.Erin Wasson x RVCA; 23.Ohne Titeel; 24.Doo.Ri; 25.Jen Kao

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010

New York Fashion Week is already over, fashion system has alsready moved to London and will be here in Milan soon (at least I hope...since Milan has been always less interesting recently...!). This is time for me to go through a lot of images of shows and designers I love alot and start to make my own considerations on some focuses that are catching my attention.
First of all, I am glad to notice that my obsession with anatomic/patterned/armour/graphic leggings and pants has been widely explored. Once again I thank my adored Delphine Murat for being so ahead in fulfilling my fashion desires.

Here is an abstract of her tights/leggings collection that I want to share for the delight of the ones who do not know her yet. The above items are already available. Check her stockists or buy online.
And below, some of the best looks for next season around the theme from nyc scene .

1. Altuzarra; 2.Behnaz Sarafpour; 3&4. Alexandre Herchchovitch; 5.Thakoon; 6.ThreeasFour; 7.Thakoon; 8. Jen Kao; 9&10.Jeremy Lang; 11.Cushnie et Ochs; 12.ThreeasFour; 13.Helmut Lang

NYC Fashion Week - SS 2010

I have started looking on latest Spring Summer 2010 fashion shows from NYC and found out that Eva Fontanelli's beloved feathers puffy skirt and embellishments have been inspirating a bunch of designers already. Obviously we can say that ideas are in the air but once again I have to make some thoughts about the influence that StreetStyle photographers/bloggers, first of all Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist, have on fashion.
And I am also glad to see how influent and powerful personal style can still be.


A choice of pics from a recent styling

Photography Luca Ascari
Hair&MakeUp Alemka Krupic
Art Direction Jovanka Savic
Styling Simona T