Sandra Backlund in Milano

I previously posted some of her genious pieces but today I am very excited since I had the chance to meet her and see 4 great pieces she has produced with an italian manufacturer.
The incredible designer usually creates her stunning archi-sculptural clothing with her manual, hand knitting work.

Sandra Backlund - on the background Madame Pernet

She recently met Maglificio Miles in Vicenza and they worked on a few incredible pieces, produced with the best and most technological knitting machines + passion.
Says Sandra:
"It was of course a big step for me to go from working alone in my studio, inventing pieces by doing them myself by hand, to suddendly be a part of a team of experts within a field of knitwear I never before have had the chance to get to know. I was overwhelmed by all of possibilities I saw for this collaboration and even though it was a real chalenge for me to learn to think in differently when creating, I now see how to develop my colections in ways that I never thought it was possible."

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