Here we go. I am back. This time I am back for real, I guess. I hope. I wish.

My first ever posted post, back in October 2008, was titled "Color of a city", dedicated to "MY" Milano and starring a tram and orange, which is - for those who followed my blog - officially one of my fav colors.

This new beginning start exactly from this:
- Orange
- Milan+London
- SS2012 WFShows

Milano - Sept2011

Orange is still everywhere, we need its good vibrant and warm personality. And it is extraordinary "urban". Perfect to give power to clean contemporary design but also to the most feminine classical shapes.

East London Line - SS2012 WFashionShows

In particular I found an interesting parallelism between the mixing of White+Orange+Black both in upcoming fashion and big cities transport architectures/backgrounds

East London Line - London September 2011


Coming back feels really good. Stay Tuned!