Altaroma - Fashion On Paper

Look at this sweetheart @ Fashion On Paper venue. She is from the team and she's got style. Look at her Saks' Tee. Kool!

Altaroma - in the meantime

Altaroma - Gianni Serra

Stay Tuned, let me just check for the images and I am gonna be' back to' you with lovelovelove FW1011 collection by Gianni Serra. Just a juicy candy: asymmetrical, oversize, layered, flashes of silver and orange, fluid extralong pleated skirts and jumpsuits that Made me feeling overexcited!!!!

Altaroma - Fashion On Paper

The athmosphere is already sparkling here. Several indipendent publishing project. Lovely people i was looking forward to' see, smooth light, feeling good.

Altaroma-Fashion on Paper

This is officially day One. Hot room. Swollen eyes. Had to' drin k several grapefrut juice glasses to get my brain back to a clear view ... Arrgh !!
Run to the first appointment, Sara Lanzi's show. ln my orange beloved boots. Raining. Had to add some vitanimic color to' a long day ahead...

Rome is awesome. And I like the relaxed mood of the show/events schedule. So, back to' my schedule, back to Sara Lanzi.

A sparkling catwalk welcomed an ethereal line up of models. The show was titled "fragile", evanescent figures, delicate Women with melting red lipstick and dark eye makeup. Love. 15 evening outfits resembling fairies Look, soft lightless fabrics + lurex, knitted pieces. Soft color s from powdery to' White, black and transparences. An amazing nylon knitted transparent dress with black piping i am dieing for.

Second appointment: check the work in progress at stunning venue of Tempio di Adriano.

Rome-Altaroma - Day I

Here is Rome from my Hotel room. Ready for an intense daty. To be continued...

Garance and the winter look

Photo by Daniele Mari

She does know something important about streetstyle photography: WATCH YOURSELF DURING THIS FREEZING SEASON! HATS, PARKAS, SCARVES, LAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totallylove the composition of this pic:

Photo by Daniele Mari

On Tim Walker and the Coolest Redhead ever

Last Saturday I was at the opening of Tim Walker's Show @ Galleria Carla Sozzani - Corso Como10.
I could not stop but take a picture of every and each work. Amazing and emotional, I think the way Tim builts his concepts, sets and images is sublime. That incredible romantic touch, the delicate caress of his look on the object, those vibrant colors...

Tim Walker - photographed by me

One of the pics I loved most was a portrait of a beautiful english rose: Mme Vivienne Westwood.
And this image made me think about a very sweet lovely pic of the Lady that Dan took during fashion week. I put them both in a frame. Dreaming of hanging them both beside on a wall.

Tim Walker - Photographed by me

Vivienne Westwood - Photo by Daniele Mari

From Milano Men's Fashion Week

Well, this season I spent the whole fashion Week inside the office or inside the studio to finish all massive work for the upcoming issue of the magazine...BUT...fortunately Dan was a little around and got some lovely pics...

A little serie I love is the one I am posting below.
I would title it "The fur and the sweet streetstyle photographers"...ehm...I only have two but they are Oh soo lovely!!
Here we go then,
I beg your pardon since I don't know them personally nor know their names

Here we go

Photos by Daniele Mari

The tale of Mrs T, Breton stripes and Alienina

My lovely Tamu of alltheprettybirds published a post I fell in love with just a few days ago. Titled "Red satin Breton stripes", starring a lovely skirt+a timeless shirt+Katie Grand.
I always loved breton-stripe shirts cause thay make me think about a casual/simple but refined/clean/spring/sea reminding piece that can make me feel perfect in a million occasions.
And then I thought about more stripes, and navy inspiration...and bounding them together.
Result in my obsessed mind:

Alienina knitted cord necklaces (1) + Givenchy striped jacket (oh my God I can't hide it makes me sweat) (2) + a Wonder Stripe Tshirt by Acne (3).

Check out for Alienina handmade one of a kind jewelry: I was thrilled when I received her images and she deserves more attention...I will go back to her soon to talk about the new gorgeres...

Fashion On Paper @ Altaroma

Hello everybody. I am back to my posting finally. As a"new"beginning for my activity here I am putting on this image referring to a very interesting kermesse dedicated to Haute Couture, young talents, bloggers and Independent Fashion Magazines. I am talking about "Altaroma" and "Fashion on Paper", officially opening in Rome next Saurday, January 30th, until Tuesday, February 2nd.
I am very very glad to go there for the double purpose to represent my blog and represent Rossia Magazine.
I am starting my Tumbler adventure also to keep youposted on what is going on there in the next few days!
Stay tuuuuuuuuuneddddd!