Roland Mouret

I have been planning to dedicate a post to Roland Mouret for months. And I am finally here, trying to put together some words that could properly express my adoration for him, now lasting for 4 years or something.
My first crash on him happened in a totally unexpected way: I used to work for a brand that was also distributed in Tea Rose Boutique, as RM. Their genious buyer/stylist/art director/friend of mine - Jean-Marc - introduced me to the wonderful world of the label Roland Mouret. JM styled me just pulling together one of my favourite looks ever, which included one of the designer's heavy black jersey asimmetrical top+a totally incredible pair of Therry de Havilland's metal snakeskin wedges+ a very old almost falling apart pair of jeans+a black motorcycle jacket.
What I truly loved about that outfit was the twist between such precious standing out pieces and some evergreens taken from my wardrobe. It was so "ME"!!!!

That top has followed me since then, it has just made tons of my looks, looking so perfect matched with everithing. The drapes are amazing, feminine and so well cut! It makes my waist and hips line so sensual, armonious and clean that everytime I wear it I feel instantly beautiful, feminine but also comfortable.
The top is really incredible in structure, weight, handmade manifacture.
After that, our paths went apart for a while...the designer took a two years hiatus and came back under a new name: RM by Roland Mouret, which I later found on Net-à-porter.

I discovered that he fortunately kept those marvellous fabrics that can fall that specific incredible way on the body. And also some fab tops that can be used and worn in many different ways.
I finally got satisfied a few days ago, when he presented his Fall Winter 2009 collection in Paris.
It took me just a while to get the new direction but it was not difficult to see his sensuous touch and draping and use of shapes.
I find this collection even more interesting since he made some key easier-every-day-wear pieces.
And I loved the leggings. And the folded origami effect of the fabrics. I really hope he will continue on this direction, since -to me- he is providing some totally, timeless, perfect items.

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