It seems to be a very common thing for a bunch of superstar bloggers to interrupt a chronological posting to put on something new... I was trying to resist the temptation of doing the same, even though I have a huge quantity of pics and posts I have to publish and are miserably stucked on my hard disk.
I guess I am going to stop the correct timeline and go straight to this adorable sequence that Dan shot and gave me today.

Photos by Daniele Mari

Let's not mention the fact that Garance was looking ab-fab today ...And I must have sounded awfully stupid to her giggling "hi, how are you? You look soooooo beautiful today!!!!" Aniway, I am publishing this little strip made of 3 cause:
-I am in love with the composition
-I like the beautiful harmony of browns/camel (ah! Phoebe, Phoebe, what did you do to us?!?!?!)
-I adore the yellow + black jackets + camel in the middle.
I can't stop looking at this!!


First thoughts and impressions in Nyc

My hotel had a very strange dark atmosphere...some kind of Dracula's residence in NY. And I loved it, even if I could hardly distinguish the day from the night! Here is a corner that i loved in my room. And a bottle of water. That killing heat kept making me thirsty all of the time...

Fortunately on my first day I had time to visit my lovely friend living there and her little tiny baby cuty-pie. I have loved the view from her kitchen....

I took the following One On my way back to the hotel. Feeling like a tourist...

Back from NY

I am sadly back from New York. The Big Apple always gives me loads of gifts. This time it was even richer in unforgettable enriching presents. People, images, inspiration, friends, emotions, sensations... I will post some memories later on. For now, just the first pic I took on my way to' Manhattan.


Barely able to control excitement.
New Issue coming out next week.
Flying to NYC Fashion Week tomorrow.
OMG. ! .

Gianni Serra

Before I start to be excited and overwelming with the words "love/Adore/like" referred to the designer and his collection just be aware that I have a terrible crush on them...
So, let's talk.
Hmm... no
Let's post a few images.
And maybe I will be blessed with some kind of neutral opinion. Maybe.Dunno.

Intro: a smooth trip through colors. Blacks, greys, white and clever touches of flashy oranges and liquid silver. And an incredible but very well mixed sequence of different lengths, proportions, volumes, asimmetries.

My pics came out wrong nd blury but I like some of them very much. Just angry for the brown haired presence stucked in the middle of the frame...

And now some official exhaustive pics. enjoy them. I am sure you will LOVE (auch I said that) it as I do.
To be serious, I think he really is one to watch at. He is increasing and getting more mature each season. And the pieces are amazingly well cutand well done.

Sara Lanzi

I Am back to you with the images I promised. I had the pleasure to find out that almosthalf of my pics were horrible and trribly blury so I saved some of them, givingsomehow a feeling of the fabrics and I am adding professional catwalks pics to illustrate the looks I mostly loved.

I really liked the lamé dress, reminds me of my ecleptic piece I made time ago and always wear as a collar or turbant. The shape here is very simple yet fluid and the shiny fabric just adds movement an image of night calm sea water. Or sparkling asphalt

As a tree surface, you can almost feel the touch. and the irregular lines and pattern. Perfect.

Here is one of my favourite of all the collaction. A sublime expression of the collection mood and idea. ethereal yet defined. Maybe I love it 'cause I have been obsessed by gellyfishes. Whatever it is, this piece made me hold my breath a little bit.

href="">And here, some more candies. angels flowing on the glittery ground. Perfect white dressworn with the hairy angora xl cardigan. I am waving.


Back to' Milano with a lot of images to' upload and updates to' post. Back to' here later today!