Gianfranco Ferré

I was really thrilled to be at Ferré's show yesterday...the atmosphere was kinda strange because of the negative financial issues involving the maison...
Anyway, the collection was really beautiful and one of a kind. Aquilano and Rimondi were more connected to Gianfranco Ferré's essence than ever. They perfectly captured and sublimed the brand's dna with that peculiar capability to perfectly melt architecture and feminine fluidity. Tradition blown into future with a fresh touch.
Images speak themselves.

Gianfranco Ferré, Fall Winter 2009-2010

Emanuelle Alt

This is "the" Jacket - by Balmain - and she is an icon, to me. Effortless natural chic.

Emmanuelle Alt in Balmain, photo by Tamu McPherson

Matthew Williamson

I have to say that I am finding many interesting collections and pieces in these NY FallWinter 2009 fashion shows.
But as a first post, i would like to publish these two great zebra patterned shoe/boot by Matthew Wiliamson (great great collection!).
I bet these two will be in several wish lists soon...

Matthew Williamson, FallWinter 2009/10


Here's the fab team!!
Editorial coming soon...

Daniele Mari, Massimo dal Toé, Marthe, Tamu McPherson - Milano, January 2009


Despite of this never ending rainy/snowy winter in Milan, i found myself all into some SpringSummer wonderful accessories.
Here follows my top "beginning list" for most popular designer's shoes

My personal #1 Boots by Yves Saint Laurent



Alexander McQueen (kind of obsessing me!!)

Louis Vuitton

Gucci, ...oh yeah baby! mixing together some of my favourite items...

Balmain...small pic, big piece of my heart!!!!

Sexylicious - Luxury Temptations

Porzia T

"...Be spoiled by the luxury of garments dedicated to women’s senses and pleasure, to their desire to seduce by wearing precious and delicate fabrics that indulge the senses and take them into a dimension of sophisticated intimacy, a private and malicious limbo where luxury becomes a daily pleasure.""

A collection that embellishes the body giving sparkle to it.
A real "hommage" to feminine beauty and sensuality.

Photos by Daniele Mari


This jewelry brand was founded in 2008 by two sisters: Consuelo and Paola Coti.
Discover them @

Artworks by Aonie