Richard Nicholl / Queen Michelle

As the followers should know, I am really fond of Richard Nicholl. I have posted something dedicated to his previous strong colorfull collections.
His last show was kind of confirm - of the designer's talent - and surprise - due to new shapes and palette-.
I am a big fan of vintage taste and corsetry, especially when they are reviewed, revisited, re-interpreted with a modern twist and mix.
And here come the perfect pieces by Nicholl. Sleek and liquid surfaces, a mix of powder and shine, contemporary clothing standing out for cool styling and mix'n'match. Romantic but sugarfree.

Richard Nicholl - Fall Winter 2009 2010

The collection is such a source I am all excited and studying every single piece. I decided to feature 3 of my favourite outfits, that somehow also inspired the brillant pics/styling by adorable Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style.
I will post more from this show... I also love the trenches and other cool stuff!

Her Majesty Queen Michelle - Kingdom of Style
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