The art of topiary @ V&R

Topiary is in the air, on my mind...
I am very interested in ardening which is one of my passions.
And I really like Tim Burton's.
So, what do Victor & Rolf, Topiary and Tim Burton have in common in the intricate paths of my fashion perverted mind?
Well, just a stream of mixed consciousness and ideas I guess.
Talking about Alice in Wonderland, most of you have probably seen the first images available...

Images from Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

And now let's go back to the couple of genious that I think are going back to their unique and visionary approach. Let's talk about tulle. I cannot think about a more "common" yet sculptorial, color rich, light yet materic, full, layer"able", simple but sophisticated and much more fabric.
And here we go with Victor & Rolf and this brilliant creative carousel of tulle carved in the way they did.
It's pure joy for the eyes!Victor&Rolf - SpringSummer 2010

Black&Blonde Uniform

Photos by Daniele Mari

Prada - SS2010

The more I look at this show the more I find it interesting and, as always, full of details and concepts to be investigated and thought about. May sound obvious or cliché but to me it is once again so true. I would particularly share my feelings and suggestions that the prints of crowded (and kinda artificial) beaches gave me.
It made me think about Massimo Vitali's photography. Just in the midway between a sociological and estetic point of view.

Photo by Massimo Vitali

I love those prints because allow me going behind the beauty of fabric, colors and shapes. It is just as if you are projected to a more complex concept of these clothings beauty. They invite you to watch at people's stories happening under the surface of a nice composition. You can just loose yourself in catching more and more details of the images. Characters, lifes.
And I also find a reason to reflect on the concept of getaways, on our contemporary perception of holiday, on its mass-oriented nature.

Prada SS 2010, all background images by Massimo Vitali

Kate Lanphear or "Sense of style"

Every season we can't stop taking pictures of her.

Kate is the quintessence of elegance I'd say, which is something that she deeply owns in the inside, as a person.
I have never seen someone who has such a personal, cohesive, coherent, effortless Style. And she is so gentle and spontaneous in the approach that makes her even more lovely.
Her look is not properly "androginous" in an old style sense, she is so contemporary, "clean", immediate and always balanced. And her presence, her presence! She blows my mind with her personal taste in picking and combining the greatest accessories! I have usually seen her walking on marvellous heels but I have to say that I loved loved loved Kate in Sonia Rykiel's black crystal encrusted creepers...pure 2009 rock'n'roll!!!!!!!

All photos by Daniele Mari

Pelette - Post #2

...JUST A PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!

Gareth Pugh - SS2010