Georgina Goodman - Part 1

Last Thursday me, Dan and Tamu - aka "the fab Studio76 team"- went to visit lovely Lucia @ the new GG showroom in Milano to discover her latest FallWinter 2009 collections. I am working on a wider post. For the moment, this is just a little tasty appetizer, featuring Tamu and a pick of her favourite pieces (wearing a pair of killer YSL - auch!)

Photo by Daniele Mari

Pick-s of the day


Hannah Marshall

How couldn't I feature a designer who gave birth to a collection called "Power Architect"?!?!
This is Marshall's SpringSummer 2009 collection, which starting points have been Architecture and dance, with their lines and complexity. Iconic architect here is Santiago Calatrava with his bridges, also influenced by the study of human body. But also revolutionary ballet dancer Martha Graham and her fierce, strong, expressive modern dance.
The body is contoured, underlined. Its geometrical structure and lines developed and dilated.
Says Sarah Mower: "Imagine Carine Roitfeld seen through the lens of Helmut Newton and you're somewhere close to Hannah Marshall's version of contemporary dressing."
Check Hannah Marshall's website for more infos and collections.

Topshop I love you...

...born in the 60ies as an unfashionable chain it has gone much far from this...and always makes me feel unhappy for living here in Milano, orphan of such a wonderland!!!!!!!!
They have been carrying several collection, important collaborations (Kate Moss' contribute, for example), supported young designer bringing them to the market...etcetera and now...THEY ARE OPENING IN NEW YORK CITY on April 2nd. More shopping gateways on my list.
Topshop promises 50 new lines every 7-10 days and to launch two collections by US Designers including an exclusive range designed by Barbara Hulanicki (founder of Biba): I AM DYING!
Concerning me...I can only consume my eyes on their website and focus on my e-shopping.

Everything by Topshop - Spring Summer 2009

Alithia Spuri-Zampetti

Today I would like to celebrate some young italian talent.
Her name is Alithia, she recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, but she has already collected a long list of prizes and internships @ international designers such as Gareth Pugh, Luella Bartley and Alexander McQueen.
Her graduation collection completely captured me because of its peculiar elements (which are some of my favourites...and yes! I have tons of favourites...): the 50ies silhouette, drapes and abstract floral inspired decoration (hand-cut foam), primary colors, decorative architectural structures.
Everything just made me think about these pop-up books that I am crazy about which DM shot some time follows the result of this combo!

Pop up books photographed by Daniele Mari, images from Alithia Spuri-Zampetti portfolio

I truly believe Alithia is one to be watched.

Roland Mouret

I have been planning to dedicate a post to Roland Mouret for months. And I am finally here, trying to put together some words that could properly express my adoration for him, now lasting for 4 years or something.
My first crash on him happened in a totally unexpected way: I used to work for a brand that was also distributed in Tea Rose Boutique, as RM. Their genious buyer/stylist/art director/friend of mine - Jean-Marc - introduced me to the wonderful world of the label Roland Mouret. JM styled me just pulling together one of my favourite looks ever, which included one of the designer's heavy black jersey asimmetrical top+a totally incredible pair of Therry de Havilland's metal snakeskin wedges+ a very old almost falling apart pair of jeans+a black motorcycle jacket.
What I truly loved about that outfit was the twist between such precious standing out pieces and some evergreens taken from my wardrobe. It was so "ME"!!!!

That top has followed me since then, it has just made tons of my looks, looking so perfect matched with everithing. The drapes are amazing, feminine and so well cut! It makes my waist and hips line so sensual, armonious and clean that everytime I wear it I feel instantly beautiful, feminine but also comfortable.
The top is really incredible in structure, weight, handmade manifacture.
After that, our paths went apart for a while...the designer took a two years hiatus and came back under a new name: RM by Roland Mouret, which I later found on Net-à-porter.

I discovered that he fortunately kept those marvellous fabrics that can fall that specific incredible way on the body. And also some fab tops that can be used and worn in many different ways.
I finally got satisfied a few days ago, when he presented his Fall Winter 2009 collection in Paris.
It took me just a while to get the new direction but it was not difficult to see his sensuous touch and draping and use of shapes.
I find this collection even more interesting since he made some key easier-every-day-wear pieces.
And I loved the leggings. And the folded origami effect of the fabrics. I really hope he will continue on this direction, since -to me- he is providing some totally, timeless, perfect items.

Richard Nicholl / Queen Michelle

As the followers should know, I am really fond of Richard Nicholl. I have posted something dedicated to his previous strong colorfull collections.
His last show was kind of confirm - of the designer's talent - and surprise - due to new shapes and palette-.
I am a big fan of vintage taste and corsetry, especially when they are reviewed, revisited, re-interpreted with a modern twist and mix.
And here come the perfect pieces by Nicholl. Sleek and liquid surfaces, a mix of powder and shine, contemporary clothing standing out for cool styling and mix'n'match. Romantic but sugarfree.

Richard Nicholl - Fall Winter 2009 2010

The collection is such a source I am all excited and studying every single piece. I decided to feature 3 of my favourite outfits, that somehow also inspired the brillant pics/styling by adorable Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style.
I will post more from this show... I also love the trenches and other cool stuff!

Her Majesty Queen Michelle - Kingdom of Style

Susy Oliveira / V&R

I am very attracted by poligonal 3D textures and this is just one of the reasons why I noticed and put together Susy Oliveira's sculptures and Victor & Rolf's latest collection coat + skirt.
I also like the similar palette and fabric surfaces + the statue looking models' faces

Victor&Rolf - Fall Winter 2009 2010, Susy Oliveira - Time is never wasted, 2006, c-prints and foamcore

The "Stella's" Factor...

Such a perfect jacket! Thank you Signora McCartney to give us such a beautiful piece again for next Winter!!!

Stella McCartney - Fall Winter 2009 2010

By the way...the pink Spring Summer 2009 version is already sold out in many, different shops...

Plastic Legs

by Acne

Acne, Fall Winter 2009 2010

The evolution of boots

Looking like the ultimate trend...straight from some old style fishing&gardening boots
To my imagination they recall some northern romantic flavoured atmospheres.
I adore the idea. To me, they are even able to look super sexy.

Costume National, Hussein Chalayan, Prada - Fall Winter 2009 2010

Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens - #2

Here we go...
like sparklig asphalt in the night, with sudden flashes of coloured light

Nina Ricci, Fall Winter 2009 2010

Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens

Oh fetish me!

Nina Ricci, Fall Winter 2009 2010

I wanted to feature these shoes, above all.
But I have to say that I really appreciated the collection.
I wouldn't mention a disco flavour, but a quintessence of all the nocturnal sparkles.
Will post some fav looks later...


I can't stop but thinking about the sweet metal sound of these pieces

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Fall Winter 2009 2010

Soft and sandy

I love the feeling...perfectly cut, fluid, hyper-feminine, elegant, classic, pure, soft, perfectly balanced, long lasting, cocooning, comfy...

Jil Sander and Dries van Noten, Fall Winter 2009 2010

Butterfly effect

I am sure there are much more to come...but still, needed to add these butterfly sleeves to my "collection".

Balenciaga, Fall Winter 2009/2010

Made05 - Fashion in the World


Leather Jacket by Maison Martin Margiela, Dress by Prada, Head scarf by Borsalino, Bag by Joanna Louca @ Yoox
Photo by Daniele Mari

Ink in Water

My little personal daily dose of Paris fashion shows just put this kind of image/feeling in me...

Gareth Pugh - Collection images

Really interesting to see how these shapes and pieces just became alive and unexpected in the movie.

Gareth Pugh, Fall Winter 2009/2010

Gareth Pugh

New FW 2009 collection by Gareth Pugh.
Movie by Ruth Hogben.
Starring Natasha Vojnoviv
Courtesy via TheFashionCult

Made05 - Fashion in the World


Marthe: Sequin dress by D&G, Parasol hat by Borsalino, Watch "Happy Sport" by Chopard
Matheus: striped Jacket by Hackett, Sweater by Etro, Jeans by Diesel, Trainers by Penguin

Photos by Daniele Mari

David Koma

The Georgian born, London based designer presented his last collection during London Fashion Week taking part to Central St Martin show.
If I found his previous Spring Summer 2009 very interesting I have to say that his last one is definitely eye catching. I think that this collection is more mature, all of the details are so accurate, the finish so precise and shapes are impressively well built.

David Koma, Fall Winter 2009-2010

Bright Surprise

Today is the worst rainy, cold, tipical mid winter day in Milano, everything is soooo grey...but fortunately a friend's smile and this bright, coloured shop window simply made my day!!
I don't stop @ Biffi Boutique so often but today I had to take a picture since they mixed a few items I fell in love with!
I even decided to get inside to view more and was welcomed by the sweetest lady that started to show me the most beautiful jewelry by Tom Binns, Erickson Beamon and also Shourouk, a very cute french brand that I still didn't know so well...not to mention the gorgeous Pauric Sweeney's new bags: I could hardly decide which one to desire most!

Pauric Sweeney's collection + Marni's Bangles!!!

Tom Binn's crystal and fluo beads necklaces

Shourouk crystal necklace. I heart this little bird and the emerald green fabric.


Ennio Capasa says on his collection: "The plug generation's pleasant pundering of the '80....Their eyes erase boundaries between day and night, disco and street, lights and colours..."

In my opinion the most representative pieces following this inspiration were this dress and the blue shiny pants.

C'N'C, Fall Winter 2009-2010

Oh Anna!

Anna Dello Russo is looking really amazing this season...she rocks the scene!..and she wears these pointy shoulders oh so well!

Anna Dello Russo, photos by Daniele Mari & Tamu McPherson