Prada - SS2010

The more I look at this show the more I find it interesting and, as always, full of details and concepts to be investigated and thought about. May sound obvious or cliché but to me it is once again so true. I would particularly share my feelings and suggestions that the prints of crowded (and kinda artificial) beaches gave me.
It made me think about Massimo Vitali's photography. Just in the midway between a sociological and estetic point of view.

Photo by Massimo Vitali

I love those prints because allow me going behind the beauty of fabric, colors and shapes. It is just as if you are projected to a more complex concept of these clothings beauty. They invite you to watch at people's stories happening under the surface of a nice composition. You can just loose yourself in catching more and more details of the images. Characters, lifes.
And I also find a reason to reflect on the concept of getaways, on our contemporary perception of holiday, on its mass-oriented nature.

Prada SS 2010, all background images by Massimo Vitali

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