Gianni Serra

Before I start to be excited and overwelming with the words "love/Adore/like" referred to the designer and his collection just be aware that I have a terrible crush on them...
So, let's talk.
Hmm... no
Let's post a few images.
And maybe I will be blessed with some kind of neutral opinion. Maybe.Dunno.

Intro: a smooth trip through colors. Blacks, greys, white and clever touches of flashy oranges and liquid silver. And an incredible but very well mixed sequence of different lengths, proportions, volumes, asimmetries.

My pics came out wrong nd blury but I like some of them very much. Just angry for the brown haired presence stucked in the middle of the frame...

And now some official exhaustive pics. enjoy them. I am sure you will LOVE (auch I said that) it as I do.
To be serious, I think he really is one to watch at. He is increasing and getting more mature each season. And the pieces are amazingly well cutand well done.

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