Style influence

This orange dress has been one of my favourite from the moment I saw it one year ago. I particularly loved the way it came out on the runaway, with its peculiar egg shape. But I have to admit that the way Anna Dello Russo styled and worn it 6 months ago was very interesting. Totally re-interpreted shape, with a high waisted black belt squeezing it around her silhouette with nude coloured shoes and golden accessories which added softness and a powerful, strong feminine touch. As I was observing a few posts ago, here comes again the big influence some people and streetstyle photographers have on style.
We spotted the same dress with a similar belt around the waist:
from my personal point of view, the choice of black buckled shoe-boots and bag pushed all the tenderness away, also considering the strength of this vitaminic orange.
But I like the braveness of wearing it!

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