The art of topiary @ V&R

Topiary is in the air, on my mind...
I am very interested in ardening which is one of my passions.
And I really like Tim Burton's.
So, what do Victor & Rolf, Topiary and Tim Burton have in common in the intricate paths of my fashion perverted mind?
Well, just a stream of mixed consciousness and ideas I guess.
Talking about Alice in Wonderland, most of you have probably seen the first images available...

Images from Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

And now let's go back to the couple of genious that I think are going back to their unique and visionary approach. Let's talk about tulle. I cannot think about a more "common" yet sculptorial, color rich, light yet materic, full, layer"able", simple but sophisticated and much more fabric.
And here we go with Victor & Rolf and this brilliant creative carousel of tulle carved in the way they did.
It's pure joy for the eyes!Victor&Rolf - SpringSummer 2010
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