Sara Lanzi

I Am back to you with the images I promised. I had the pleasure to find out that almosthalf of my pics were horrible and trribly blury so I saved some of them, givingsomehow a feeling of the fabrics and I am adding professional catwalks pics to illustrate the looks I mostly loved.

I really liked the lamé dress, reminds me of my ecleptic piece I made time ago and always wear as a collar or turbant. The shape here is very simple yet fluid and the shiny fabric just adds movement an image of night calm sea water. Or sparkling asphalt

As a tree surface, you can almost feel the touch. and the irregular lines and pattern. Perfect.

Here is one of my favourite of all the collaction. A sublime expression of the collection mood and idea. ethereal yet defined. Maybe I love it 'cause I have been obsessed by gellyfishes. Whatever it is, this piece made me hold my breath a little bit.

href="">And here, some more candies. angels flowing on the glittery ground. Perfect white dressworn with the hairy angora xl cardigan. I am waving.
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