Black&White // Minimal Art

Esther Stocker - O.T., 2006, installation

Hard Times these Times. Austerity is an often talked about issue these days. Austerity is a concept and a state of mind. Doesn't mean "poverty//poorness//shabbiness" to me. In my idea it is more about deconstruction. Going to the original simplicity of things. Take all the tinsells away and discover the real essence of things. 
Mumbling about this idea I went through some b/w minimal art, late 60ies Design and some SS2012 W Collections.

Square Dance - Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum

Quaderna by Zanotta

When it comes to fashion, black and white graphical patterns is very interesting to me because it underlines the geometry of shapes, textures and fabrics. As for Deisgn, when graphic minimalism comes to Clothing//Fashion it frames the body and traces its dimensions, placing it in the space. Becomes real architecture of the human body. Geometry.

From Left to Right, Spring Summer 2012 - JeanPierre Braganza, J Mendel, Emporio Armani

Spring Summer 2012 - Gareth Pugh

Installations by Esther Stocker

Spring Summer 2012 - Neil Barrett
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