It seems to be a very common thing for a bunch of superstar bloggers to interrupt a chronological posting to put on something new... I was trying to resist the temptation of doing the same, even though I have a huge quantity of pics and posts I have to publish and are miserably stucked on my hard disk.
I guess I am going to stop the correct timeline and go straight to this adorable sequence that Dan shot and gave me today.

Photos by Daniele Mari

Let's not mention the fact that Garance was looking ab-fab today ...And I must have sounded awfully stupid to her giggling "hi, how are you? You look soooooo beautiful today!!!!" Aniway, I am publishing this little strip made of 3 cause:
-I am in love with the composition
-I like the beautiful harmony of browns/camel (ah! Phoebe, Phoebe, what did you do to us?!?!?!)
-I adore the yellow + black jackets + camel in the middle.
I can't stop looking at this!!
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