The tale of Mrs T, Breton stripes and Alienina

My lovely Tamu of alltheprettybirds published a post I fell in love with just a few days ago. Titled "Red satin Breton stripes", starring a lovely skirt+a timeless shirt+Katie Grand.
I always loved breton-stripe shirts cause thay make me think about a casual/simple but refined/clean/spring/sea reminding piece that can make me feel perfect in a million occasions.
And then I thought about more stripes, and navy inspiration...and bounding them together.
Result in my obsessed mind:

Alienina knitted cord necklaces (1) + Givenchy striped jacket (oh my God I can't hide it makes me sweat) (2) + a Wonder Stripe Tshirt by Acne (3).

Check out for Alienina handmade one of a kind jewelry: I was thrilled when I received her images and she deserves more attention...I will go back to her soon to talk about the new gorgeres...
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