Beginning from today, I will finally be able to post our fav pics taken at Pitti (People). It's been fun. It's been hard thanx to the heat. Have been great to share the experience with such nice people as our italian bloggers mates.Thank you to: Silvia Bergomi (www.plasticchoko.blogspot.com), Luca Bortolotti (http://urbancamou.blogspot.com), Federica Di Pierri ( http://cuhunting.wordpress.com/), Enrico Grigoletti (www.fridgemag.it), Stefano Guerrini (http://lepilloledistefano.menstyle.it), Marco Maggetto (http://whydontu.blogspot.com/), Tamu McPherson (http://alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com), Francesca Querci (www.glossom.com), Simone Sbarbati (www.frizzifrizzi.it) and Jacopo Volpe (www.diedlastnight.com).

Last but not least, thank you Daniele (Mari) for your incredible job with your photos for our blog!!!!
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