Altaroma-Fashion on Paper

This is officially day One. Hot room. Swollen eyes. Had to' drin k several grapefrut juice glasses to get my brain back to a clear view ... Arrgh !!
Run to the first appointment, Sara Lanzi's show. ln my orange beloved boots. Raining. Had to add some vitanimic color to' a long day ahead...

Rome is awesome. And I like the relaxed mood of the show/events schedule. So, back to' my schedule, back to Sara Lanzi.

A sparkling catwalk welcomed an ethereal line up of models. The show was titled "fragile", evanescent figures, delicate Women with melting red lipstick and dark eye makeup. Love. 15 evening outfits resembling fairies Look, soft lightless fabrics + lurex, knitted pieces. Soft color s from powdery to' White, black and transparences. An amazing nylon knitted transparent dress with black piping i am dieing for.

Second appointment: check the work in progress at stunning venue of Tempio di Adriano.

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