Prints and Patterns: digiliciously covered

It is no secret that I am very sensitive about printed fabrics. Especially whimsical digital prints.  I obviously have a selection of the Top Favorite Designers mastering the technique...let's mention Peter PilottoBasso & Brooke, Mary Katrantzou but also Dries van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Prada (remember beaches and palms from their SS10 Collection?). 
Fact: digital prints have turned into almost-a-classic-trend lately
Fact: you can find digital print sweaters, tees, leggings, skirts and dresses almost everywhere, almost by any label.

Now you're probably thinking how boring I am, pretending to post about digital prints while everyone around has done it for seasons now?
Well, I think I do have a reason, and to me it is a very yummy one. Before showing you what a wonderful thing I found (even if you are way more ahead, internet-conscious and aware of everything new) I want to mention the latest project by the incredibly talented Masha Reva. The young Ukrainan designer artist has teamed up with Syndacate of Kiev for "Botanical Layers", a collection of prints available on a limited shirts series this month. You can already order yours by choosing one of the subjects and your size here. Well, have a look to these wonders: digital layers anddigital/era/codes interlocked with luxurious nature.

Botanical Layers by Masha Reva and SYNDACATE of Kiev - ph Synchrodogs

Botanical Layers by Masha Reva and SYNDACATE of Kiev - ph Synchrodogs
Botanical Layers by Masha Reva and SYNDACATE of Kiev - ph Synchrodogs

Going back to the point: Constrvct.
Created, designed and coded by Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel, known as Continuum Fashion, already known for innovative high tech fashion design, including LED dresses and the N12 3D printed bikini.

Let me just quote a sort of manifesto published on their blog:
"...This moment in history will be marked as where the voices of millions can be instantly expressed and shared across virtual networks. Technology has changed the way we live and communicate. We created CONSTRVCT as a fashion label born purely from the digital medium-- fashion design that represents immediate personal expression distributed globally..." and "...Please, go ahead and construct as many designs as you like! It’s wonderful to see what people come up with. Just upload your own images and choose between the available styles. Once you have a design you love, you can order it custom made to your size."

Yes, exactly, get ready to indulge yourself with your graphic skills and start playing with the available styles: 3 dresses, 1 male and 1 female tee, a long sleeved tee, a skirt. At this point I get very excited. And, if you want, you just take send them your measurements and "voilĂ ": you got your wonderfully digital printed piece delivered at home.

I am not a real master yet, but just to have an idea about it...these are my first "babies"...

A chandelier @ the flea market becomes the "Crystal skirt"
A bamboo garden inspires the "Bamboo Dress" (yes, how acreative name...!)
A tree in the mountains becomes the "Fallen skirt"
A promise: I will be back soon with much better can also check the whole collective collection here.
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