Photo by Klaus Nigge

I've been having a crush for pink flamingos since forever. Me and my parents used to spend our summer holidays in Sardinia, since I was six years old. And, every single year, my father brought me  to watch colonies of these incredible birds, stopping by the island during their migrations. These memories and their extraordinary beauty just gave them a very special place in my heart, and inspiration.

Photo by Stefano Todde

No wonder, then, if I am obsessed by a couple looks by Uniqueness (obsessed by two, but love most of the pieces...) 2.01 Collection, designed by Alessandra Facchinetti.

Above is look #35. The side of the pants are covered in a genial digital pattern of my fav bird and salmon pink feathers. I am a follower of the Uniqueness Pinterest account: the "Shades of Rose" board includes some very impressive inspirational images which suggested me this composition. Poetic and delicate. The look is very balanced: romantic yet contemporary with the strong caban jacket,  rich in volume but very clean.  The whole look is made to blend with grey shades of metropolitan winter skies. Like the palette of this Liu Wei's artwork "Beyond the sky limits", perfectly translating this idea.

And here is Look #39, a long dress with a Seventies attitude, enriched by the same precious print and perfectly styled with the same accessories.  Just made me want to cover the model's skin with a simphony of soft colored clouds.

Enjoy this rainy Sunday morning thinking pink and dreamy!
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