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KOWTOW is a chinese expression meaning "the act of deep respect shown by kneeling and bowing so low as to have your head touching the ground." I am already taken.
The brand behind the logo and its philosophy is something I would "KOWTOW" to. And not only for the garments, but for the very DNA of the project, that has earned important acknowledgements.

Gosia Piatek, founder and owner

The founder, Gosia Piatek, started the company with a very low budget, wanting her business to be ethical. And she made it possible through collections that are not only made of 100% fairtrade certified cotton but that are beautifully minimal, perfect for layering and awesome as basics to build up very personal looks.
I was really impressed looking at the "Behind the scenes" video, shot by Piatek's ex business partner, Boofa.

Kowtow In India from Kowtow on Vimeo.

Talking about KOWTOW Collections. They just presented their Southern Hemisphere 2013 Winter (the brand is based in New Zeland) "Anywhere But Here" Collection, inspired by the themes of revolution and lost youth. Piatek says 'I wanted to create a wearable collection that can cross all age groups but still has a sense of edge and freshess". Well, I'd define the concept very contemporary. I've been thinking about how the idea of biological age has been slightly fading lately. And also Fashion seems to be aware of it (just think about some Lanvin and American Apparel ADVs). Going back to "Anywhere but here", I like the way this sense of rebellion blends to garments conceived for people of all ages. We can all be youthful rebels nowadays. Look at the short movie they produced to express the soul of this collection.

Blacks, whites, energetic flashes of bright orange and prints plus a triangular pattern. Fluid silhouettes, unexpected volumes, versatile styling options.

From the lookbook of Kowtow "Anywhere but here" Collection
A real candy I kept: they have a whole line of super-soft basics in neutral colors of wonderful super-fine cotton: BUILDING BLOCKS. A range of tees, tank tops, leggings, briefs and other pieces (they also have biker pants!!) that are totally fun to play with.

Womens Building Blocks 
I am in love and, luckily, they will soon be shipping to Europe. What about you?
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