Terra di Siena and around. Jewelries and fav palette

I have noticed that recently, my unconditional affection for nude/skin color has been partly enlarged to include a new palette, which starts from pale coral and goes through Terra di Siena red.

Plus, I have been captured by images of reddish bricks and walls, dunes, clouds and rocks.
Easy to understand why last week I was touched and felt in love with the jewelry lookbooks by ManiaMania first and Estelle Devé later.

Images from ManiaMania LookBook

Images from Estelle Devé's LookBook

The most curious thing is that both brands are based in Australia. And somehow the research and inspiration behind their latest collections have kinda connection. ManiaMania "Real life awaits us" is inspired to "The Holy mountain" by Jodorowsky. Yon can tell that just looking at the pictures. They put together Mesoamerican culture, stones that look like pieces of wild nature and rocks, the 70ies, shamanism and metaphysical.

On the other side we have Davé, who called the collection "Lunar Mare", defined as "medley of science fiction fantasy and tribal nuances", inspiring futuristic images of a rough natural scenery/elegant body armour. A glimpse of a space odyssey which collects images of the past, magic and tribal.

I love both collections.
And they reminded me of sweet Fanny Raponi, whose collection I found out almost a year ago by now and used for a shooting in the mines.... She is a real artist, and I love the way she uses vintage silver objects to create and carve these supper-poetic accessories...

Ups...I lost myself! didn't I want to post about my new enlarged beloved palette??!?!?!?!
New post needed ASAP
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