Suspenders | Suspense Part II - Woman Edition

Peggy Moffit - Ph. by William Claxton

Turn upside down and watch function becoming desire. Hold your hosiery and hold your breath.
Watch a hidden accessory turning into a tickling object for sensuous fantasies, a symbol of the feminine seduction that has been able to inspire photographers and designers for more than one Century.

Bettie Page

Ph. by Jean Loup Sief

Nadja Auermann photographed by Helmut Newton for Blumarine
The attraction factor of something hidden. Wearing suspenders is not about function any longer. Has never been about comfort. It's about a luxurious feeling of discomfort, arousing the consciousness of seduction. Bordelle is a british brand that creates luxurious lingerie, craftsmanship meets design and a playful yet sophisticated idea of sensuality. Their signature technique blends customized satin elastic bands and fabric: we love the way it recalls the aesthetics of masculine suspenders, wrapping the feminine silhouette and shaping it gently. WANTED.

Bondage dresses and waspies by Bordelle

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