A special touch and sensitiveness

In my total ignorance I discovered the Print Shop area of Urban Outfitters online shop just recently. Maybe too recently. And only through our friend OTO who is also contributing to the project with an art print. I love the idea. They can deliver your preferred subject as a diffrent sized print or as a cover for your laptop or Iphone budies..! Just love it!
While I was all excited about some delicious drawings and graphics I just fell in love with Fred Einaudi's job and went immediately to his website...


This is what I found trying to figure out how couldn't I found him before. And went to his bio, maybe blown away by my WIKI-MANIA.
This is the answer I found.

Going back to his art, I am crazy about theVictorian/Edwardian inspired subjects, portraied with sinister details or inside apocalictic athmospheres.
I think I want to share what I mostly loved. And that's it.

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