An early 80ies skinhead style flavour

Me and Valentina have been talking alot about a new "'proper" influence we are heavily feeling for us, the new us, the proper "us". But this is another story, so, going back to the subject, it all started with an inner connection I guess. And her talking about a sauge aviator bomber obsession she got from a recent "LEON" movie night.
And then a lot of inspiration came together...I got back to the movie "This is England" by Shane Meadows.

I saw it almost one year ago and I have loved it very much. And loved the style. Thanx to dan to feel that subculture style so much, I think he's really sensitive towards subculture styles. but this is another story again so...back to the point.
Dan just got a couple crucial items:
- a green jacket from the 80ies, in agreen patterned fabric, with raglan padded shoulders, that I see as a retro but contemporary version of that Ma-1 aviator;
- a pair of Dr Martens by Raf Simmons in Oxblood with buckles.
Mixing everything with his partial side shaved hair, thick Persol sunglasses, vintage striped Lonsdale Tee and tight cropped stone washed grey jeans ended up to be a great interpretation of that look.

Now I just crave for a perfect female version of it. That will obviously end up being much more of a mix of styles, but I also love the original!

All these images I found added to some favourite items I love right now just gave me a variation on the theme,in term of style. And this is what I put together (still thinking that the Burberry Prorsum boot would have been the perfect piece...!!):

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