Black&White, leather, vinyl, anathomy details, smoke and other subjects I love

Here I want to write about Gemma Slack and Maiden Art, two of the labels that are mostly taking my attention.
Mrs Slack is a very young promise of british fashion landscape.
She has got a very strong arty approach and often translate sculpture and painting into apparel.
I have seen her creations on the celebrated "Not just a label" young talent incubator/eshop and I totally fell looking at her "spine dress" that sent me directly to her homepage...
she has already interned at Gareth Pugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I selected the look I ostly appreciate,
featuring black&white, shouldel structures, digital smoke prints, chain corsets and leather.

The second brand I was mentioning is Maiden Art.
This label is fresh, italian and conceptual: hurraaaaay!!!
Just to proudly show that Italy has got young energy with something strong to say.
Their production includes apparel, accessories and jewelry for women and men.
This FW 2009/2010 collection is called "The Black Vinyls", all declined and inspired by black and white with a lot of metal and leather. That's why I am pairing these two collection that give me a similar deep vibe.

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